Next spring we are going to Kinokos Workshop and masterclass in Paris.
We both attendet his workshop in the spring 2015, but I went to Berlin and Neeka went to Paris.
So we havent been together but we are very much looking forwoard to it!

He has an amazing easy going way of hosting a wokshop.
And he kind of looks like a tired puppy most of the time, but always happy to see you and talk to you.
To me it was important at fun to see that he was enyoing himself.
He was walking around and photobooming people trying to take pictures of their ties.

It was lovley and i just cant wait.

I also had the luck to be tied by him 2 times, including having his pussy-hip harness where i was a model to the entire
workshop group. I was high as a house, but luckily my partner and model at the time took very good care of me afterwards.
The fun things about being a switch <3 HURRAY!! kinoko


Anyway. EXCITED <3 Regards Anaise