Workshops for us is something close to our heart, that we have the opportunity to learn from each other, socialize and exchange ideas with other participants! And also because it is fuzzy and cozy! We are actively working on coming up with new things to create a place where learning in an easy and fun way is the focus during the workshops, without taking out the actual experience. We want you to get the most out of the workshop and would love to have your thoughts and feedback both before and after! It is together that we develop as our best! <3


To sculpt a body – A playful workshop on collaboration and co-creation, we assume the body’s shape and work together until the ropes can be used to hold, shape or accentuate it. We test muscles and joints, and explores how we work with the bundnes physiology to create forms. The workshop can be built on working with aesthetics and materials to enhance and shape of individual body parts.

Sculpting a mind – A workshop on how the body affects the mind, we start from your body and exploring how much can be conveyed in our body language, as well as how our own body language in the ropes affect our mood. The workshop can be built on working with narrative to paint the whole experience. To move together – A workshop where we work on how we communicate with our bodies. How are we talking about for our partners that we want the hen to move in one direction? How do we communicate to us that our partners should move to a specific body part? We are working on how we manage our own body while working with our partner’s body.

Partial suspensions – In this workshop we want to show how much more space you have to play with if you have a suspension point and how that can be an extra hand. How a suspension point can create difficultiues for the bound person as it also can provide support. As bound, it is a good way to try and feel the rope in a new way and to get accustomed to how your body works under stress.

Full Suspension – This workshop we will go through the basics and safety at how we do suspesions. Advantages vs disadvantages of suspension and also what we need to think about in the meantime. Suspensions can create alot of stress on the body and requires body awareness and communication with partners. And a big focus for the binding part. This workshop will be possibly more technically focused, but we will always do our best to get the feeling, jump and play and sparkle when we learn challenging new things!

Intros and Courses

Intro to Japanese Rope Art – A playful intro to the many different kinds of meetings to create the rope, we cover everything from the sensual , the artistic , the playful and exploratory and how to do it freely and wisely. An intro for those who are curious about the rope, but not sure what it is or how you would like to play with it.

Continuation for Japanese Rope Art – A workshop where we continue on our playful mood we created the intro course and where we deepen and explore our understanding and our knowledge of how we handle rope, creating a meeting with someone and expression of feelings and body . Good for those who have had some experience in the ropes but would like to deepen their knowledge and experience in how to create and express the feeling of the rope .


We are continuously working on developing workshops, classes and other forms of learning.
Neeka has several years of experience and is also trained in group dynamics, pedagogy and learning. Anaise has its focus on individuals, their strengths and feels/sees their processes and have both her own life experience and training in personal development. With these complementary skills, we are passionate about creating a space where we are based on the individual’s skills and lust, rather than right or wrong.
Our passion and goal of learning is to focus on playfulness, self-discovery and development. Our workshops have an exploratory focus while group or private lessons has the form that we are more like teachers where we share our knowledge and teach what is asked for by those who want to learn. So a group lesson (which can be anywhere from 4 to about 10 people) is more like a private lesson in which there is more time for you to ask personal questions and receive direct feedback from us, than there is the possibility of a workshop.

Rope Lab

This is a new concept that we have planned for the autumn 2016.

During the rope labs we create a common space where we tackle a problem, an issue ,or a concept where we work together in larger groups or pairs and together explore how we arrive to a solution or what we want to get out of this concept.
We will work with two categories: technique and emotion. Where technique – meetings will be, as it sounds, focusing on the techniqual and the handling of ropes and body.
While the Emotion sessions we will work on communication, expression and feelings and how we communicate and experience it together.
An example of this could be the theme: ” Sensory ” where we examine how our senses affect our abrasive.
Or, for example: Pattern contruction where we together go through what is really needed and how a plan to create a pattern.